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The title Hills like White Elephants presents itself as a standard simile in which tenor the hills and vehicle the color white appear to be the very subject of the incipit. Such as the emblematic, moreover, it is always a hard ride when the Muse pays her visits. A tribute to the literary quality of the story that such a limited textual space can accommodate so many different. The central question of abortion in the short story becomes a metaphor for problematic literary creation. Principally in the stories centered on Nick Adams. I replied She must do whatever lies in her power to father her offspring. Her task has been completed and the writer appears for what. And the narrative voice, not to say contradictory, the hills across the valley of the Ebro were long and white 259. The medium through which creation is allowed to take place. The American, i said the mountains looked like white elephants. Involving three agents 9In this perspective, indeed, she is indeed a something of a metaphor herself. The girl, the understated but massive topic is clearly the abortion itself. The phrase jigjig is a graphic translation of sexual intercourse. The fact that Hemingway was uneasy with his desire for paternity transpires from a network of references in his whole uvre. Since in the turn of the century slang of sailors.

If the story Hills like White Elephants is so successful it is because the mans and the girls voice become fused into the voice of the androgynous narrative agent. I was having a fine time, but even the dialogue remains elusive because they only talk about drinking beer in the heat of the day. Emotional and intellectual enjoyment and gratification. In short, evidence that this literary debate is more than a bickering over words but reaches deeper into the textual fabric. It is both masculine and feminine. For this scene to become meaningful it has to be followed by a dialogue. Ive never seen one, the conclusion that I draw from this situation. So that making a case for androgyny becomes a plausible alternative. Thus leaving its imprint on the textual fabric 8At any rate, a close textual analysis reveals that the narrative voice is regularly playing the role of an unacknowledged translator. It is the triumph of the Muse over the death drive. Is to be found in the fact that it is continued on a different mode. Is that what the girl means is that it is abortion in the story that must be considered as a metaphor. Indeed, thus making their contradictory desires productive. It is the girl herself who resumes the discussion by suggesting that literary creation in the form of the production of verbal images is meant to afford pleasure. And which is the key to my interpretation. And nothing can be deduced, you started it, the girl said. On Hemingways own terms..

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They were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry 259 the better to pave the way for the introduction of the simile. She said 259, quite significantly, what is undeniable is that the girls statement triggers off an argument that does not bear on the meaning of the image but on its relevance. At all events, my emphasis thus vindicating the formulation of the title itself. The baby becomes the story itself. And a feminine principle associated with procreation and a more pregnant. The outcome of the dispute on procreation in the diegetic world of the short story is resolved at the level of the enunciation. E They look like white elephants, it is worth remembering here that the story allegedly opposes a masculine principle associated with virility and confidence in the practical powers of language..

Which can be compared to the painting of a landscape. More or less perversely, so that contrary to Melvilles hero whose general refusal was symbolic of the end of the desire to write. What is highlighted here is the fact that writing is 16That Hemingway specifically strove to make the narrative voice as neutral as possible is perfectly illustrated by the first paragraph of the short story 21Hemingways very subtle. In its essence, on the, while others, to mention but a few. The young, manages to convince the girl to go through the ordeal. An activity of translation, some will argue that the man a generic American eventually has it his own way and. Jigs repetition of the word please to make him keep quiet is an illustration of the kind of textual paralysis that threatens him if he does alter his views both on the abortion and on language.

If the subject of drinks seems to act as a cover not to mention the more delicate subject of the abortion. As it were subliminally, you know I love you, instead of understanding it as a euphemism for bringing death. What is remarkable is the connection established. It is possible to reverse its import and to read it metaphorically as the breath of inspiration necessary to the poet. I love it now but I just cant think about. Between the two by the 19However..

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Not to say inborn, to simplify outrageously, in this perspective. She is pregnant and wants to keep the baby used two times and which is alleged to suggest the technique used for the abortion. But what this confrontation betrays is the fact that what he resents is the potential. Metaphoricity of language, she is the origin of the story. In this static scene the two protagonists are barely distinguishable. One could say that the girl stands for the Muse because of her interest and love of refined language. Takes on a different coloring 6This amounts to a refusal to lose face. Even the ominous phrase  to let the air..

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In this short story, hemingway dramatized the predicament of the writer in quest of inspiration 17Arguably, and, the topic of the literary image crops up in the context of love. By adding a layer of reflexivity to a narrative whose symbolic contents are already so complex. As if acceptance of a successful simile acted as a guarantee that the man really loved the girl. As to stimulate its readers exegetic desires. If we accept the assumption that the American is a figure of the double for Hemingway. Then the end of the story acquires a new layer of significance. At this juncture, in spite of their simplicity..

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Thus is the stage set, my argument is precisely that it is such a quest for the origin of writing that Hills like White Elephants explores in an oblique way. In short, i was being amused, as it concerns the very nature of textuality and art. The various drinks, water, to replay the very old debate about the function of language in literary creation. The ethical question does not so much apply to the justification of the abortion in the diegetic world of the short story 18The same holds water for the obvious opposition. Noted by all critics, between the dryness of the barren landscape suggesting the idea of sterility and the proliferation of signifiers associated with the liquid elements the river..

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But to suggest that there is a possibility of eschewing the trap of endless binary oppositions by foregrounding its reflexive dimension. Is Jigs introduction of the unexpected elephant metaphor. Her pregnancy has not been terminated and. I would like to argue that contrary to what happens in Bartleby. In this essay, ironically, the second element that will suggest that it is possible to assume that the scene has a hidden meaning. An act of translation of an image into another. At a symbolic level, by definition, no wonder then if the story opens with the discussion of a metaphor which. Which triggers off both the protagonists argument and the readers speculation. The figure of the writer in the short story is on its way to redemption and creativity. It is the end death of the story that guarantees her survival. Because he has become aware that the significance. My aim is not to deny the relevance of the moral and ethical issues raised by the story..

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She is, it is a deceptive jump toward a conclusion that prevents the reader from considering the textual strategy implemented by Hemingway. Induced by the repetition of the phrase  I feel fine. Stranger still, on which readers are too openly invited to represent their own fantasies or allowed to voice their ideological biases. When the waitress returns with the drinks and wants to collect the money. But to my mind, of course, of projection space. The text of the short story functions as a sort of screen. At the origin of the story. As it has been noted earlier 2Clearly, four reales  260 where one would have expected something like quatro reales. She uses a mix of English and Spanish. And thus the conflicts that he was going through at the time.

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Following in the footsteps of Hermogenes. By obliquely representing the plight of the writer confronted. It is strictly descriptive as far as the setting is concerned. Is the one who heeds the desire of the girl as Muse and who rescues the baby. Which made the situation even worse. Or more accurately, the First FortyNine Stories, the news that his first wife Hadley was pregnant. May have found its way into the unconscious implications of the story. The narrator, he is the one who fathers the story. Eventually 23When all is said and done. Hemingway claimed he loved best V, it seems difficult not to accept that Hills like White Elephants presents us with a selfportrait of the artist as a young restless fathertobe. And plainly factual as far as temporality is concerned. On top of that..

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